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Biodiversity & Pollards Network

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Welcome to the "Biodiversity & Pollards Network" blog, arising from the LIFE+ Biodiversity and Pollards project.

Its aim is to start up a working network based on old woodlands (including pollard woodlands) and its associated biodiversity in its broadest sense. It is foreseen that specialist and entities with an interest in these subjects will participate, so that we can all contribute knowledge and experiences, and share and discuss them with the rest of the participants in the network.

It is born with a vision to the future since it intends to be the meeting point for institutions and individuals interested in this subject; where they can find information and guidelines to launch new collaboration projects.

Due to its inclination as an international network, English has been chosen as the language to exchange information. It is recommended to submit entries into the blog directly in English although we will translate those entries which are submitted in Spanish or Basque.

We encourage you to take part in this work network; you only have to submit a request by stating your interest and relation with ancient woodlands and biodiversity in this form.

We hope to receive your contributions shortly and that you find this work tool useful, bye for now.


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