Logotipo de Biodiversidad Trasmochos


PostHeaderIcon Actions Carried out

Preparatory actions

  • Mapping of forested area
  • Ecological characterization of pollars
  • Compilation of pollarding techniques
  • Distribution of beetle populations
  • Habitat potential of saproxylic beetles
  • Action plan: restoration and pollarding
  • Catalogue saproxylic beetles in the BCTS (Basque catalog of threatened species)
  • Conservation actions

  • Pollarding and maintenance: increases available habitat for saproxylic beetles
  • *O. eremita and *R. alpina populations in Aralar
  • *R. alpina populations in Aizkorri-Aratz
      • Report on results
      • Annex I
      • Annex II
      • Annex III (images of adults) Photos: Alberto Castro

    Publication an dissemination

  • Creation image
      • Biodiversity and Pollards logo
      • Corporate identity manual
  • Brochure
      • Brochure
  • Informative posters
  • Publication of press releases
  • Talks with private owners
  • Information and awareness to general public
    Documents from the informational seminar on the LIFE+Biodiversity and Pollards project
  • European technical seminars
  • Good practices compilation guide
  • Project video
  • Learning unit
  • Coordination and monitoring

  • Post-LIFE plan
  • Post-LIFE plaln
  • Monitoring *R.alpina in Oieleku
  • Monitoring of pollards that were treated