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PostHeaderIcon Ancient Tree Forum (UK) and ProNatura (Sweden) share their experience about the after-LIFE+ Biodiversity and Pollards

Even though the LIFE+ Biodiversity and Pollards has already finished, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa has made a commitment to the European Commission about continuing his work on the topics of the project, setting objectives in the framework of an “after-LIFE”. Hazi Foundation is helping with exchange and dissemination tasks, and as such on October we received the visit by several staff of Ancient Tree Forum and ProNatura, both organizations working on the conservation of ancient trees and the biodiversity associated, in Europe.

They are interested in evaluating the effects of pollarding on trees, as well as the results of the monitoring carried out by rangers and officials of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. During their visit, different areas of pollarded beeches in Pagoeta and Aiako Harria were assessed, and we could share experience and knowledge about the most efficient techniques to preserve this kind of trees.

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