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PostHeaderIcon A scientific paper about saproxylics in Gipuzkoa, recently published

In the journal Munibe Ciencias Naturales a paper has been published (April 2018) describing the situation and conservation status of several species of saproxylic coleoptera (Osmoderma eremita, Cerambyx cerdo, Rosalia alpina and Lucanus cervus) that were subject to field inventories and conservation actions during LIFE + Biodiversity and Pollards. The authors, Alberto de Castro and Jon Fernández, from Aranzadi Science Society, have analyzed the data collected, presenting population sizes and trends, as well as foreseeing the risks of disappearance. LIFE + Biodiversity and Pollards has contributed in this way with the scientific and technical information needed to propose measures for the conservation of these species in the forests of Gipuzkoa.

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