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PostHeaderIcon LIFE+ Biodiversity and Pollards was visited by a Swedish team

On May 24th, LIFE + Biodiversity and Pollards was visited by a group of ten technicians and practitioners working for LIFE + Coast Benefit, a project of restoration of biodiversity in forest and grazed habitats, that is being implemented in three provinces of southern Sweden. The Swedish team was interested in knowing in detail the conservation activities in the Nature 2000 sites Pagoeta and Aiako Harria, under the LIFE + Biodiversity and Pollards and the After-LIFe plan, and more specifically the repollarding of beech trees to promote veteran trees in the forests.

The visit, hosted by officers from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Hazi Fundazioa, included a field trip to pollard stands and to commercial plantations of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, which are subjected to management targeting the improvement of biodiversity and the restoration –in the medium and long terms- of the beech acidofilous forest. This event allowed to share experiences in Bizkaia and Sweden, debate over compensation and funding schemes for the Natura 2000 network, and discuss alternative techniques to achieve the objectives of biodiversity conservation.