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PostHeaderIcon The Italian working team of LIFE+ MIPP has visited us

Two members of the team managing LIFE+ MIPP came to Gipuzkoa on March 2015 to get knowledge about actions taken and results achieved in LIFE+ Biodiversity and Pollards. LIFE+ MIPP is aimed at saproxylic insects conservation in Italian forests, implementing three types of actions: monitoring insect populations as indicators of forest biodiversity, promoting public concern over conservation issues on the framework of “citizen science”, and environmental education.

The Italian team was very interested on methods and results in Gipuzkoa, regarding how the effects of forestry interventions on the saproxylic populations were assessed. We visited the experimental plots in Aiako Harria, Pagoeta and Aizkorri-Aratz SACs, where deadwood had been artificially supplied and repollarding carried out on previous years. The rangers of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the entomologists Xanti Pagola and Alberto Castro hosted the field trips.

During such visits and also at a formal working session held at the Arantzazu information centre, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas about the interventions performed and the methods for monitoring the outcomes for the flagship species Rosalia alpina. The Italian team shared their vast experience on the managing of forests to meet biodiversity conservation targets, and argued positively about the courage showed by LIFE+ Biodiversity and Pollards for seeking active management of the forest. Finally, they strongly advised to monitor the saproxylics within the treatment plots and their surroundings for the next years, to know the population response rigorously and to assess the demonstrative character of the actions..